Poppy Wilde


Dr Wilde’s work focusses on what it means and how feels to be posthuman, by exploring how posthuman subjectivities are enabled and embodied. She has conducted autoethnographic projects exploring the lived experience of MMORPG gaming with particular focus on the avatar-gamer as an embodiment of posthuman subjectivity. In her current work she is extending this to explore posthuman conceptions of death, considering whether game environments allow a space to think differently about dying. She is also currently working on an exploration of the contemporary media fascination with zombies, considering this as a posthuman preoccupation; a rejection of neoliberal and capitalist expectations. In 2017 she completed her PhD project ‘I, Posthuman: Embodying Entangled Subjectivities in Gaming’ having researched the lived experience of MMORPG gaming with particular focus on the gamer as one embodiment of posthuman subjectivity. In 2018 she completed her PgCert Academic Practice in Higher Education with Distinction, and she is a recognized Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She practises innovative teaching methods to promote embodied understandings of theory, allowing students to engage practically with the concepts covered in class in a way that overcomes cross-cultural and access barriers. She designs courseworks with employability in mind, encouraging the development of oral presentation skills, networking, academic and non-academic forms of writing, interviewing and research.

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