Oliver Carter

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Oliver Carter is a senior lecturer in media and cultural theory at the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research, Birmingham City University. His research focuses on alternative economies of cultural production; informal forms of industry that are often removed from a formal cultural industries discourse. He has published work that appears in Murders and Acquisitions: Representations of the Serial Killer in Popular Culture (A MacDonald, Ed.), The Piracy Effect (R. Braga and G. Caruso, Eds.), Preserving Popular Music Heritage: Do-It-Yourself, Do-It-Together (Sarah Baker, Ed) and is the author of the monograph Making European Cult Cinema: Fan Enterprise in an Alternative Economy, published by Amsterdam University Press. He is currently co-editing a book about British media censorship  and his recent research into the British adult film industry informs the forthcoming documentary about the British adult filmmaker Mike Freeman titled Hardcore Guaranteed (Rose Tinted Productions).

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