CLUSTER STATEMENT: Cultural Translation in Journalism, Activism and Community

Each of the six research clusters at BCMCR have produced a statement on what cultural translation means for researchers in their area. The statement for the Journalism, Activism and Community cluster is as follows:

“Researchers in the Journalism, Activism and Communities cluster often operate at the intersection of media and politics, and so tend to highlight the dimension of politics and representation when questions of cultural translation are raised. Scholars in this cluster might look at the role of journalists acting as (good or bad) cultural translators, individuals or organisations who select and reframe local issues as part of hyperlocal journalism. Research also explores how activist and cultural critique is transformed by and through different media – whether that means examining critiques of Neo-imperialist hegemony in the Iraq War emergent in video games, or anti-austerity activism within contemporary artistic practice. In this way, the cluster’s work is testament to cultural translation’s concern with the implicit and explicit power relations that run between the translator and the translated, between the source and the target.”

You can find specific examples of research from Journalism, Activism and Community cluster scholars at BCU  here.

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