Media and Place in 2023 – responding to Audiences

By Jerome Turner on March 16th, 2023

Media and Place is one of the nine research clusters at BCMCR, featuring members from various research, industry and teaching backgrounds. Our 2021/22 programme involved creating monthly creative writing prompts, which we shared amongst the members and then discussed at our monthly meetings.

In 2022/23, we’re expanding the activity in two key ways: firstly, to suggest that members can respond in any way they see fit to our new prompts, whether this be writing, a multimedia piece, or even a short research project or intervention; secondly, we’re going public – as we wrap up each of our ‘sharing’ meetings, the proceedings will also be blogged on the BCMCR site.

Our prompts started with the current BCMCR theme: Audiences. Cluster members proposed a variety of prompts which were then voted on, resulting in this final list (although there were expanded versions of each prompt to help guide us).

  • February: Remix
  • March: Belonging 
  • April: Community
  • May: Emotion
  • June: Witnessing
  • July: Politics

Over the next few months, look out for our BCMCR blog posts documenting the resulting work and discussions. We hope you’ll find them enlightening.

Image via Pexels: San Fermin Pamplona