Jazzers take over northern Italian city of Novara

By Nicholas Gebhardt on October 4th, 2019

From 12 – 15 September, BCMCR jazz researchers Craig Hamilton, Sarah Raine, Pedro Cravinho and Nick Gebhardt took part in the 2019 Europe Jazz Network Conference in Novaro, Italy. Speakers at the event ranged from industry figures to artists to policy makers, alongside a great programme of music and social events.

On the second day of the conference, we hosted a session on new areas of research. Craig spoke about the CHIME app and our work on mobilising festival audiences via digital platforms, Sarah discussed her research with Cheltenham Jazz Festival on the PRS Keychange initiative that aims for gender parity at music festivals by 2022, and Pedro talked about  the challenges of maintaining the National Jazz Archives satellite collection at BCU. We had about 25 delegates in the small room and there was a lot of lively discussion about each presentation.