Announcing the launch of our project Everyday Jazz Life website

By Pedro Cravinho on February 2nd, 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of Everyday Jazz Life website:


It results from a collaborative research pilot project “Everyday Jazz Life: A photographic project on contemporary jazz musicians’ lives in Birmingham” that brought together a jazz scholar, myself and a freelance jazz photographer, Brian Homer. It took place at Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research, at the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media, Birmingham City University.

Our goal with this website is to create a user-friendly browsing experience for everyone by making accessible information about our pilot research project that was funded by the Faculty Research Investment Scheme. Our users will find information about our project About, ourselves The Authors, all the Participants on the page ‘Jazz Journeys’, and Outputs.

We are sure that on the website you will find all the information about our project that you need. If you have anything you would like to send us, either your feedback about your experience with the website, or questions regarding our project, please feel free to send us an email through Contact.