Insights from the Home of Metal Symposium

By BCMCR Alumni on October 5th, 2019

A key participant in the recent Home of Metal Symposium and Workshop at BCMCR was the online station MMH.

The MMH team covered a range of events related to the HoM heritage season as well as interviewing speakers and attendees at the symposium and workshop. Images of the day and links to audio and video interviews are below.


Home Of Metal Symposium


Black Sabbath Bridge Unveiling

Home Of Metal Exhibition Opening

Video Interviews

The History Of MMH – The Home Of Rock Radio

Home Of Metal Volunteer Bill Sneyd

Alexander Milas – Former Editor & Chief Of Metal Hammer

Kevin Hoffin Criminology Lecturer

Black September Falls

Dan Weston – Birmingham Metal Society

Edwards Banchs – Heavy Metal Africa Paperback

Matt Noble – Diaries Of Doom

Nolan Stolz – Experiencing Black Sabbath Paperback

Tom Cardwell – Creating Battle Jackets

Youth Club Archive

Black Sabbath Fan

Black Sabbath Fans

Paul Long Interview

Asya Draganova Interview

Tom Cardwell (Battle Jackets Creator) Interview

Niall W R Scott – Metal Music Studies