Screen Cultures presents A Year in Screens

Date & Time:

21st April, 16:00


Online event; the link will be sent out to those who register.


Screen Cultures presents - A Year in Screens
Faye Davies, Hazel Collie, Charlotte Stevens, Sebastian Svegaard, John Mercer & Ellie Tomsett

Our engagement and reliance on screen media has, for many people, increased significantly over the last year. In this session members of the Screen Cultures research cluster will share short examples of how their uses and interactions with screens have changed during the pandemic.

Dr Faye Davies has been avoiding the news.

Dr Hazel Collie, Dr Charlotte Stevens and Sebastian Svegaard have been collectively watching television produced in Korea and China.

Professor John Mercer has been missing Spanish television.

Dr Ellie Tomsett has been trying to teach ‘liveness’ via Teams.

Join us for this interactive discussion about how our collective and individual relationships with screen media has changed over the past year and how this has made us all think/feel and act differently. If you’ve had to adapt your research approach, been getting through the weeks by binge-watching Netflix, have become fully immersed in the Among Us game, or found a fun way to limit your doomscrolling – then let’s hear it.