Punkt Birmingham

Date & Time:

18th March, 16:00


Birmingham City University


Wednesday 18th March
Remixing The Festival Symposium (16:00)

Jan Bang, Erik Honoré, Tony Dudley-Evans, Sarah Farmer and Fiona Talkington discuss the future of festivals

Thursday 19th March

Trish Clowes and Louise McMonagle (21:30)
Remix by Erik Honoré, Arve Henriksen and Eivind Aarset

stillefelt with Jan Bang (20:00)
Remix by RBC and UOA students

Friday 20th March

The Height Of The Reeds (21:30)
Remix by Annie Mahtani and Chris Mapp

Thallein Ensemble plays Maja S.K.Ratkje (20:00)
Remix by Andrew Woodhead and Mark Sanders

Tickets// £15 one day // £25 both days // Symposium is free entry

Over the last 15 years Punkt has gained an international reputation as an exciting, progressive and musically inclusive festival. Thanks in part to the unique concept of the “live remix”, the annual pilgrimage to Kristiansand in Norway has become a regular fixture for adventurous music lovers. This collaboration between Punkt, UK based artists and Birmingham City University presents an exciting, and rare, opportunity to enjoy the Punkt experience outside of Norway.

Artistic directors Jan Bang and Erik Honoré present a programme which combines Norwegian invention with British creativity throughout. This unique collaboration is sure to please die-hard Punkt fans, experimental music lovers and inquisitive minds alike.