Popular Music – YOUTH CLUB: Engaging with the material culture of popular music fandom

Date & Time:

23rd October, 16:00


C284, 2nd floor Curzon B building, Birmingham City University, 4 Curzon Street, Birmingham B4 7BD


This event is part of the weekly research seminar series for the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research (BCMCR). Book tickets below to attend the following:

YOUTH CLUB is a not-for-profit organisation working to preserve, share, educate and celebrate youth culture history through a passionate network of photographers and creatives.

Focusing on materials produced through fandom practices, this workshop explores the different ways in which Youth Club engages with popular music heritage, how we make this available to diverse audiences, and how we have previously and hope to work with researchers in the future.

At YOUTH CLUB, we believe in the power of youth culture heritage as a catalyst for creativity, self expression and connecting communities. We have observed a continual and growing demand for youth culture to be preserved, shared and ultimately celebrated – connecting the past, present and future generations.

We celebrate youth culture through curated events, exhibitions, collaborations and consultancy, and are working towards the goal to open the world’s first Museum of Youth Culture in London.

Our images, features and essays are a real reflection of British and International people’s lives, celebrating self expression, energy and passion. Content featured includes but is not limited to: subculture, counterculture, fashion, music, art, travel, genres, social issues, lifestyles, sports, nightlife, environments, humour and much much more…