Home of Metal Symposium Schedule and Handbook

Date & Time:

13th September, 03:15

Below is the SCHEDULE for Friday’s Symposium and a handbook with details of presentations and presenters can be downloaded here.

Music Heritage, People and Place.

9.00-10.00 Registration and Coffee


Venue: Parkside Atrium


10.00 -11.00




Venue: Parkside, The Shell




Q: What is a rock museum? A: Rockheim, The National Museum of Popular Music


With Marion Leonard (UNIVERSITY of LIVERPOOL)




Parallel Panels

A. Youth Culture and Memory


Chair: Paul Long (BCU)

Venue: Parkside P131


AMANDA BARNETT (UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL): ‘I will survive’ in the Alternative Archive: An examination of how archival collections of heavy metal music in student societies is preserved and understood within universities.

LISA DER WEDUWE & JAMIE BRETT: Youth Club Archive: Museum of Youth Culture

TOM CARDWELL (UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS, LONDON): Illuminating Battle Jackets – a Fine Art Research Project.


B. Music Global and Local


Chair: Asya Draganova (BCU)

Venue: Parkside P132


EDWARD BANCHS (INDEPENDENT SCHOLAR): The Curious Case of Metal in Botswana: Observations of the Nation’s Heavy Metal Culture in Western Spaces.

NIALL SCOTT (UCLAN): Reporting on the World Metal Congress.

ZELMARIE CANTILLON (PRESENTER), RAPHAËL NOWAK AND SARAH BAKER (GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY): Cultural Justice for Deindustrialising Cities: A popular music heritage approach.


MMH Radio Sessions


MMH Reviews Department



Venue: Parkside 233


MMH reviews department manager David Steed will be giving a live demonstration of approaches to music reviewing.

There will be an opportunity for live Q and A with members of the reviews department.

The team will also be on site all day to talk to about applying for a job role in the reviews department






Performance by Black September Falls


Introduced by Bill Sneyd (Home of Metal)

Venue: Parkside TV STUDIO A


What is the relationship of music heritage, creativity and new music scenes?


Since the emergence of Black Sabbath in the early 1970s many artists within genres of heavy metal have acknowledged their influences on their Oeuvre. As an extension of this fact Black September Falls have created a 4 track EP entitled ‘PROSAiC’ which acts as a creative response to the legacy of Black Sabbath whilst looking to re work and re-invent the early soundscapes that Black Sabbath created through a new 21C dynamic. In addition, and to move towards the development of a possible new genre, namely Dark Ambient Rock/Metal, Black September Falls have created a fusion with dark ambient artists such as Brian ENO. Therefore, creating a new music born out of Black Sabbath and ENO (a kind of Black Country meets Suffolk).


As part of the day’s presentations at the Home of Metal Symposium, Black September Falls (namely Nigel Sanders) will perform a selection of material from this EP along with other new music that further explores the heritage and legacy of Black Sabbath. These extend Nigel Sanders own research for his PhD and explore authenticity within the creative process both in the studio and the live arena. Therefore, the live performance will feature in the moment presentations of Ambient Hauntology reflecting the memory of Black Sabbath, the EP ‘Prosaic’ and ‘live’ music creativity.


To find out more prior to the event visit https://bsfallsresearch.webs.com // https://blackseptemberfalls.bandcamp.com/releases // Listen Out For Nigel’s Interviews on The Progmiester Show at MMH





Parallel Panels


C. Post/Communist Perspectives on Metal


Chair: Martin Cox (BCU)

Venue: Parkside, The Shell


ASYA DRAGANOVA (BCU): “To Break a Wall”: Reflections on the genealogy of subcultural scenes in Eastern Europe

DAWN HAZLE (INDEPENDENT SCHOLAR): Performing the ‘right’ music: Russian metal music as a political barometer.

NIKOLAI OKUNEW (LEIBNIZ CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY HISTORY POTSDAM): Red Metal Radio: Heavy Metal in the socialist public sphere of 1980s East Germany


D. Live Spaces and DiY Politics


Chair: Zelmarie Cantillon (Griffith)

Venue: Parkside P131


KIRSTY FIFE (UCL): Document It Yourself: Unauthorised Heritage Praxis in UK-based DIY Music Spaces

LYVINIA ELLESCHILD (UNIVERSITY OF PLYMOUTH) Film, Image and Music Based Presentation: ‘Without Live Music This Culture Is Dead’: Documenting a Community Struggle to Keep Live Music at Maker, Cornwall.


E. The Future is the Past: Heritage Sources of Music Inspiration


Chair: Angela English (BCU)

Venue: Parkside P132


JAN HERBST (UNIVERSITY OF HUDDERSFIELD): Teutonic Heritage: A Producer’s View on the Effects of Cultural Origin on Record Production and Artist Interaction.

FLAVIO PIRES (UNIVERSITY OF PORTO) Embracing Heritage: Black Metal and the Visual Legacy of Romanticism Online Presentation

NIGEL SANDERS (ANGLIA RUSKIN UNIVERSITY) What is the relationship of music heritage, creativity and new music scenes?


MMH Radio Sessions


MMH Live Interviews/Press



Venue: Parkside 233


Come and be interviewed by Stephanie Ingram – Head of the MMH press department and inhouse DJ Lexi.

Q and A with Adam Till Founder and director of MMH The Home Of Rock Radio.

Participate in live interviews with special guests and speak with Stephanie Ingram about applying for a job role in the MMH press department.









Parallel Panels


F. Music Places and Living Identities


Chair: Amanda Barnett (Liverpool)

Venue: Parkside, P132


The Hellfest Festival : A Metalhead’s Pilgrimage.


RUTH ADAMS (KINGS COLLEGE LONDON) ‘We made the genre everybody’s onto, it’s all come from Bow E3’ (Wiley, ‘E3’) Grime Music and Identity in East London.


G. Birmingham Echoes


Chair: Mike Jeffries (Home of Metal)

Venue: Parkside, The Shell



NOLAN STOLZ (UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA UPSTATE) More Than Metal: Black Sabbath’s Use of Blues, Classical, Jazz, Prog and other Musical Styles.



MMH Radio Sessions


MMH DJ Department



Venue P233


Meet and be interviewed by MMH DJ’S Jon Watkiss and Adam Onslaught for a live podcast

Live Q and A

Speak to Jon and Adam about applying for a role as an MMH DJ .They will be there all day.










Home of Metal: Building the Metal Museum


Participants: Alexander Milas, Dr. Lina Khatib, Lisa Meyer, and Joe Keggin


Alexander Milas is a lifelong music fan and erstwhile archaeologist with a range of writing and documentary credits including various episodes of VH1: Behind the Music, Kerrang! magazine where he was a full-time features writer and reviewer before becoming the features and then editor-in-chief of Metal Hammer magazine, where he was twice awarded a PPA for editor of the year and cover of the year.


Dr. Lina Khatib — Following a decade of work in radio broadcasting and another decade-long career in academia, she has been for the past ten years working in leadership positions at world-renowned policy institutions; currently she is head of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House). Lina has published seven books and is a frequent commentator on current affairs in the Middle East, with regular appearances on channels like CNN and the BBC.


Lisa Meyer —  Artistic Director/CEO of Capsule, an arts organisation which she co-founded in 1999.  Capsule is responsible for a number of high profile projects, including the internationally renowned Supersonic Festival, which this year celebrated its 15th edition and was named by The Guardian as the UK’s best small festival. She is responsible for conceiving and curating Home Of Metal, producing a series of exhibitions and events which join the dots between music, social history, visual art and fan cultures to produce a new perspective on Heavy Metal.


Joe Keggin works for Marketing Liverpool.   Specialising in PR he works closely with the music visitor attractions in Liverpool as well as alongside contemporary musicians.   He is responsible for telling media from around the world why his home city is such a great place to visit and for attracting music tourists from across the globe to the city. Music is one of the main reasons people visit Liverpool. The city harness both the legacy of The Beatles and the contemporary music scene.


Followed by drinks in the Parkside Atrium to celebrate the Home of Metal Exhibition


Evening Social Event

Scruffy Murphy’s

Quirky, independent rock venue with long history offering food, games and lots of live heavy metal.

Address: Dale End, Birmingham B4 7LN

To register interest mail: Aidan.OSullivan@bcu.ac.uk




Home of Metal International Fans Portrait Collection 


Parkside Gallery through September


This exhibition features a series of images of Black Sabbath fans from across the world including Botswana, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, Lebanon, Netherlands, Spain, and the USA.


The portraits, created over the last three years as part of the Home of Metal project, celebrate Black Sabbath as the pioneers of the unique sound and originators of the genre. The portraits demonstrate the diversity and breadth of fandom and highlight the links between music, heritage, people and place.


Tom Cardwell: ‘Battle Jacket Paintings’


Friday 13th only Parkside Floor 1


My website which contains artworks and research is at https://tomcardwell.uk 

About the paintings:

These watercolour paintings are part of a larger series depicting the customised ‘battle jackets’ of metal fans. The act of painting is used to transcribe and explore the complex visual forms of these garments, tracing structures of patch organisation, and examining the artwork and logos of the bands featured. Each jacket is unique to its wearer, and offers clues to their identity as a member of metal subcultures.

The jackets are chosen from a range of heavy metal subgenres, from well established bands to more esoteric scenes. To the affiliate, these patches can be read clearly as indicators of the wearer’s particular taste, and can mark a kind of connoisseurship amongst fans. Ideas of ‘authenticity’ are central to the values of the battle jacket wearer, with original tour patches and personal hand-making valued above the mass-produced and easily accessible.