Check Global

By BCMCR Alumni on January 1st, 2019

Developing a verification and dis-information network for the MENA and beyond

Check Global provides world-class tools and training resources to an international network of independent media organisations, journalism schools and human rights researchers in the Middle East and North Africa Region, in East Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America. This network shares a common goal: to collaborate around the significant challenge of sense-making in a new media ecosystem which is decentralised, global, and real-time.
Check GlobalWith a focus on collaboration, Check Global creates open source tools and open licensed online and offline training to support emerging practices in digital media literacy skills, fact-checking, and disinformation monitoring and verification of digital media. This program builds on years of impactful programming that has seen Meedan and BCU teams build a world-class network of international partners, and an award-winning open source platform addressing the increasingly high-profile challenge of credibility in digital media.

Check Global is funded by the Swedish International Development agency.

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